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Are You Masking Your Communication During the Pandemic?

Masks, gloves, and social distancing are certainly changing the manner in which we humans interact with each other. But is this trickling down to your professional communications as well? Is professional distancing at play, and if so, what can we actually do about it?

Perhaps there are clients in your portfolio who deserve a call but you’re feeling the negative economic impact and putting it off. Or, your employees who are stationed at home are in the dark about the health of your company. It’s understandable; these are very difficult days.

While the pandemic is having far-reaching consequences for companies and employees alike, the art of communication has become more important than ever; perhaps even a lifeline to those directly affected by this unprecedented health crisis. First, though, we need to self-critique to make sure we are not falling into this pit of despair, but rather, are taking this unique moment in time to strengthen our communications in anticipation that the sun will rise again.

In the market research field, it’s no secret that the tools of communication are vital to our very existence. We track consumer trends through communication. We reach out to our clients with up-to-the-minute communications. We hold meetings with our employees with the tools of communication (thank you Zoom and Cisco!). And yet, there is evidence building that our physical separation from each other is having a tangible impact on our abilities to hold off the disconnect that so many in society seem to now be experiencing.

Some firms are continuing to track and survey this new landscape of Covid-19 consumer buying habits and behaviors on a daily basis. The companies that are on the front lines of collecting this data and turning it into actionable insights are wisely positioning themselves for what could eventually be considered the “new normal” regarding purchase trends for products and services. This type of data may very well lead to a future boom in hiring research professionals if you and your company are pro-active during this crisis.

With the majority of professionals in the MR field currently working out of their homes (with kids screaming, dogs barking, and the walled-in confines of our personal spaces driving many of us batty), it’s not easy to switch hats from a non-communicative, shield-at-all-costs society into the maximum communication professional world that so many of us are accustomed to. The simple act of calling our clients has, for many, become as painful as pulling teeth.

During this downtime, then, may we suggest that rather than hibernating in a pandemic bubble, take control of your time and reach out to those in your professional circle. This can include clients and prospects; employees and prospective candidates; and yes, your friendly neighborhood executive recruiter, who can provide for you insights into the current market and help you plan to burst out of this bubble like a rocket when the moment arrives.

This is no time to be a shrinking violet, especially when there is an opportunity to eventually shine with just a little planning. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy because better days will be ahead.

Question: Has your style of business communication changed in this new environment and if so, how?

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